What is mental health and mental health disorder?

What is mental health?

Mental Health is basically the way people interact with each other in the society. Mental health plays an important role in every individual’s life. It is because only if they are, mentally stable they can do the right things at the right place and time. Mental health of a person all deals with emotions, thoughts and behavior of a person. For a person to be able and strong his mental health should be stable and strongly. But, sadly these days we see many individuals suffering from different mental disorders. Let’s thus talk about mental disorders and how it affects people life.

Mental health disorder

Mental health disorders have a very bad effect on the individuals because it indeed makes their life difficult. They can no more live their life the same way as they used to. Also they cannot survive alone in the society and community.  There are different types of disorders that individual can face in their life they are: 

Bipolar disorders

Panic disorder

Multiple personality disorder


Obsessive compulsive disorder


Mood swings

These were some common mental disorders but apart from these there are many others which are different in their cause and consequence.  Many a time’s mental disorders are misunderstood and the patient feels it very difficult to stay in a common society. Also when a patient gets mentally ill people lose interest n him and do not interact much with him making him lead a lonely life.

Though today through psychiatric therapy and counseling mental health disorders are declining the stigma which it carries along does not leave the patient for the rest of his life.

How people become mentally ill?

There are various reasons for a person to get the above mentioned mental disorders. However there are specific reasons because of which people get affected mentally like

A past traumatic experience can lead to mental illness

An insult by someone very close to you  in public can again make people mentally unstable

An intense fear about something or someone can make a person hallucinate

These reasons can severely bother a person’s mental health if he is very weak and not strong enough to fight. Though there are medications available for reducing anxiety symptoms the nest way is to undertake cognitive behavioral treatments. So now that you know what mental health is and what kind of disorders can happen make sure you take care of yourself and keep yourself fit both mentally and physically.