Myths And Facts About HIV

Today it seemed that the good time of discussing the myths and facts of the HIV because there are many a number of common myths and facts are spread all around us.

In spite of the fact that over two decade of the research and the science result there is still number of misinformation spread about the HIV. Some most important of these are discussed below.

Myth 1: it is that you cannot get the test of HIV until the six month after the exposure.

Fact 1: Nowadays the tests are easy available for four weeks after the exposure. These tests are called to be the Duo tests and they know to looking for the both of the HIV virus the antigen (p24) and the antibody. It is also that there will be the different policies when going to the different clinics. However it is the right of yours as the patient has an access to the test so that if your clinic has it then they must have to give it for you.

Myth 2: HIV can easily penetrate through the condoms.

Fact 2: This is a total and absolutely wrong myth. The Catholic church today has done lots of harm to campaign against the HIV and the AIDS by saying the fact that the HIV can easily penetrate to condom. The condoms are best protection against to the HIV and in case if it is worn with the every act related to sexual intercourse that include the oral sex then you will not be getting the HIV. In case if condom breaks then the medication is also available to stop its transmission

Myth 3: You cannot get the HIV in case if you are “top” or an assertive partner of anal intercourse.

Fact 3: this is also wrong because the HIV virus is supposed to contained in the anal mucous. This means on inserting the penis in another person anus virus can get in your penis from the sex.

Myth 4: If you by any means get the HIV then you will be definitely dying from the AIDS at young age.

Fact 4: from the improved HIV medication and the testing process people who are diagnosed in an earlier state which means there is a less permanent damage to the immune system.

Myth 5: People suffering with HIV are not able to have children.

Fact 5: People suffering with the HIV can also have children.

The “sperm washing” and then the use of the IVF method to impregnate the partner is preferred.