How The Early Stage of Asthma Is Diagnosed?

The early symptoms of Asthma attacks are the changes occurred in the body while it is going to happen and show its effects. These are known as the early symptoms because they are usually visible before the general symptom of Asthma occurs in the body. These early symptoms are also sometime quite different to that of general later Asthma symptoms. After this early sign disappears in the body you can predict that the level of threatening of Asthma is worsening to your body and hence needs proper medication. These are signs not so severe that they will cause to prevent you from doing the daily activities but after their early detection the other advantage is that you could easily take appropriate step to stop the near future attack of Asthma.

The early symptoms of asthma include
• Cough on waking or at night
• Shortness of easy losing of breath
• Feeling weak and tired even on a little exercise
• Coughing or sneezing post any sort of exercise
• Moody, grouchy, easily upset and easily feeling tired almost by doing nothing
• Changes or decreased lung functions on measuring from peak flow meter
• Signs related to cold
• Signs related to allergy like headache, sore throat, nasal congestion, cough runny nose and sneezing etc.
• Trouble in sleeping as well

Asthma signs and symptoms

The patients of Asthma usually feel the symptoms when the air ways of them tightens or congested. Sometime this problem is also caused due to the fact that the inflammation in airways or when it gets filled with mucus.

The very common and general symptoms of Asthma include the signs and symptoms given below.

• Pressure, pain or tightness in the chest of the patient suffering
• Shortness in the breath of the patient
• Wheezing
• Coughing activities specially during the night time or sometime the patients of Asthma do also suffer from coughing as they woke up during night

The other specialty of Asthma is that not every person suffering from Asthma is supposed to show the similar behavior. Some of them even might not have the similar symptoms. The patients might also feel different symptoms at different times. Post to the one Asthma attack your symptoms may be one kind and post to other Asthma attack the symptoms might be of other kind. Few people with Asthma do also go with an extended time of period when they simply do not feel any of the symptoms related. Usually the patient suffers from mild attacks of Asthma however it is also needed proper medication.