No matter how grumpy my 11-month old daughter gets, there is one thing every hour, on the hour, that makes her smile: the theme song for the news on ABC radio.

The look of delight that crosses Orla’s face when “Majestic Fanfare” (understated name, eh?) fills the speakers is hilarious and stupidly gorgeous. I thought her taste was a bit quirky but when I looked up the song on YouTube it would appear she is not alone in loving it: the full version has been viewed 23,000 times. This is it. Doesn’t it make you want to stand up and put a hand over your heart?

It never fails to amaze me how much music can move a mood. Alt J is my current soundtrack to life – Taro is my favourite song of theirs – but over the years we’ve written about our most beloved music many times, so I thought I’d share our best-read posts on the topic. I hope they bring a gap-toothed smile to your face – though ideally you wouldn’t have porridge stuck to  your chin as one little ABC groupie did this morning. Happy Friday!

1. Glen Hansard, The Frames + finding your passion

2. Our favourite cold-weather songs

3. A pre-Olympic pep-up with Mumford & Sons and Birdy

4. Hit me baby one more time: songs we have on repeat

5. Goodbye London, hello Black Cab Sessions

(Written by Julia)

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4 Responses to “Mood-lifting tunes + the best of our musical back-catalogue”

  1. John G says:

    Thanks J, that’s an expensive list of evocative toons.

  2. Sherri McIver says:

    Something I miss greatly – the mixed tape. Stayed with a friend down the coast recently and she dragged out some mixed tapes I’d given her in the 80′s. We played them all – each one a moving (and grooving) letter from the past.

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